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We are an agency of specialists dedicated to matching the skills of high-level consultants to the specific needs of companies.

Professionals are
part of JKS

Professionals are part of JKS, which is Denmark’s largest staffing company with local branches in more than 40 cities. Besides Professionals, JKS is composed of Career (recruiting) and Assistance (hospitality staffing) and is defined by continuously moving the potential of people and companies.

As a JKS Company, the experienced team of Professionals are assured a strong network, solidity, and the means to get things done – whether in Denmark, Europe, or the rest of the world.

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The professional way

We strongly believe in the value of building close relationships with both companies and freelance consultants with the best skills. We meet in person whenever possible. We examine, listen and ask questions, because our in-depth understanding of needs and expectations is exactly what ensures the best match and results for everybody.

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At JKS, we have three core values. They permeate everything we do and are a benchmark for our co-operation with consultants and companies.


We believe in the benefits of dialogue in connection with every single task – and we believe in moving people’s potential. This provides competent and committed employees who take pride in performing to the very best of their abilities.


We believe in transparency and in keeping promises – we tell it like it is – and are honest and open about our intentions and actions. Credibility is something you earn – time and time again.


We believe that different people are motivated in different ways. We therefore work with a broad motivational framework at every organisational level. This ensures a collaboration that we, our clients and our candidates can all be satisfied with.

Every challenge is unique

We don’t see the companies and clients we work with as customers or clients. We see them as partners, so there can be mutual expectations. We strongly believe that without mutual expectations it is difficult to live up to the level of quality, we want to deliver.

In that respect, both companies and the network of consultants/freelance specialists we have is always regarded as part of our own team. Our most important goal is that everybody experiences the same satisfaction and value-adding service.

This begins by treating every challenge differently, ensuring the right match every single time.

Julie Ivanøe Samuel

Head of Professionals

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